With all due respect Mr. Sessions, we got this.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Contact: Justin L. Farrell, (254) 294-9911,

MSgt Trent Sutton USMC(Ret.) Announces Candidacy for Texas Congressional District 17
College Station, TX – Today, Trent Sutton announced his candidacy for the Texas Congressional District 17, the seat currently held by Congressman Bill Flores. Rep. Flores has made an official statement declaring his decision not to seek re-election for TX-17.
Trent Sutton released the following statement:

"It is with great pleasure that I announce my candidacy for Texas’ 17th Congressional District. I am honored to represent the Republican Party on the ballot where I will fight for the values that have made Texas and this district so successful. I want to thank Congressman Flores and his family for their years of faithful service and sacrifice for the district.

"The voters of TX-17 will have the opportunity to elect a new Republican nominee on March 3rd, 2020. My campaign for U.S. Congress is about more than just a person running for office - it’s an opportunity for the citizens of TX-17 to continue to have a strong voice in the United States House of Representatives. As a United States Marine, I have spent over two decades living, struggling, and fighting for this country. When Congressman Flores made his announcement, I was planning to return to public service with the mission of strengthening the nexus of domestic and international policy. With the overwhelming support of my family, friends, peers, and mentors at The Bush School of Government and Public Service, I made the decision to ask TX-17 for the opportunity to serve as its representative in our nation’s capital. I believe citizen legislators must take the reins to focus on the issues within the community. I want the entire district to prosper, regardless of political ideology, race, creed, or religion.

"Our campaign stands for something new and different. We have an opportunity to breathe life into our jobs market, bolster diverse educational options, and ensure everyone has access to the health care they need, without government intervention. Congress must give citizens a fair break on taxation so that we can do better for ourselves and our families. To many of us, a few hundred dollars a month can make all the difference. We are a hard-working district, with all the grit and know-how to get things done. With our shared values and decency, we can persevere, and continue moving this district forward. I have proven that I’m willing to serve the people of this district. It has been my distinct honor to do so for over 21 years, as a United States Marine. My son currently serves as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy. When it comes to service, the Sutton family puts our money where their mouth is. That’s why I’ll be lending my campaign a majority of my life savings to get things rolling. I’m not a wealthy man, but I will give everything I can. The only way my campaign works is through grassroots support. I look forward to bringing my ideas to the table, alongside other high caliber candidates in the district, and hearing the issues affecting you, the voter.

"It has recently come to my attention, that former Congressman Pete Sessions is considering a move to Waco to run for TX-17. I have met some of the other local individuals considering a run, and I can assure you, TX-17 has no shortage of talented, service-minded leaders. With all due respect Mr. Sessions, we got this. My name is Trent Sutton, and I’m proud to be running to represent the fine citizens of Texas’ 17th Congressional District."

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